Principal Speak

Principal Speak will educate you about Mrs Namrata Sharma who is a passionate and accomplished educationalist with a career spanning over 26 years and believes in leading by example.This hard task master has zeal that is endless and exudes a zest for learning that is unmatched. A motivator who has always believed in holistic education, she believes in nurturing impressionable minds into those filled with invention, discovery and creativity that is par excellence.

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edify schools core team

The edify schools core team comprises of a couple of educationalists who are leaders in the field and are filled with passion and enthusiasm for education. Their vision is that education must mold a child into an all-rounder and they are of the firm belief that while education is integral, it should be imparted in the best possible way without seeming like drudgery. Their commitment and dedication which are the two key ingredients for the successful performance of the organization and is exactly what we thrive on.

Regional school Advisory Board

It is our endeavor to impart knowledge at its best. This is made possible as our Regional school Advisory Board consists of a highly experienced and diverse group of individuals from the different walks of life. It is their vast experience and know-how of education which proves to be our continual strength. It can be stated undoubtedly that with the fitting guidance of these esteemed individuals who been instrumental in molding us that we have been able inch closer to achieve our goal and vision which is to be able to impart flawless knowledge by providing education at its best.

Education Advisory Board

Our vision and goal has always been to ensure that performance and standard of education is unparalleled. This is no mean feat and requires a very high level of proficiency, experience, dedication and commitment. This exactly is what each and every member of our Education Advisory Board is made up. The sky is the limit for we have the endless support and guidance of these distinguished individuals who happen to be a few of the best minds in education, business, sports and services. It is under their continual guidance that we continue to strive towards excellence.

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O2R provide Centers Services as per your Outsourcing needs

Outsource 2 Rescue(O2R) is a company which is subsidiary of Rescue Pvt Ltd. O2R provides 24/7 services for Inbound and Outbound centres services and sales marketing. O2R has all setup components and staffing which is required to get Outsource. O2R have highly professional employees working in our centre 24/7. Our Centres have all required latest technology like CCTV, Routers, Lease Line with all backup facilities.

Outsourcing gives company to focus on their core business part and splitting the time consuming work to external companies.

Why to Choose O2R?

O2R is leading company to provide excellent work and Clients satisfaction across the Globe. O2R has setup all latest technology to work efficiently with well professional Employees. We Generate Leads for Sales & Marketing.

OutSource 2 Rescue aims to be a leader in providing profitably services. O2R goal is to build good reputation company and to reach all around the world.

O2R welcomes you to get collaborate with us and increased your revenue and business power to reach maximum customers and clients with our enhancing work.

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