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CNM has more than 20 years experience in casting manufacturing. have die casting machines from 60T to 2000T., die casting tools, die casting mold, die casting parts, die casting products

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We hope to make a useful resource for custom engineered components and materials. With broad background in casting, post manufacturing, painting and plating processes, we provide the technical information and news pertaining to cast, wrought material and machined methods. Our good English speaking engineer is willing to assist you to make the proper design in your best interest. We have no agenda other than helping our customers improve their product and reduce their manufacturing cost.

aluminum die casting

Different types of methods are used for aluminum casting. Main thing is to melt aluminum. High temperature is needed for melting aluminum. Special structures are used for melting of aluminum aluminum casting

Dr. Paul J Olsovsky

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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky

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Mobile professional web design

Colorado Worldwide is a mobile professional web design and development firm located in Howard, Colorado serving all of central Colorado, the Front Range and beyond

Best To-Do List App For Every Platform

As you know everybody has a to do list, there‚Äôs only so much you can take all the to do list every single day before you make out before or you try to add more hours or you just get to the point of burnout. Here\’s Best To-Do List App For Every Platform.

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