Poultry Feed Additives

ANFAHEP is a hepato -protective formula for general use in all conditions.
Prevents liver diseases due to fat metabolism and re-generates damaged hepatocytes.
Increases egg production and body weights.
Results in better FCR and feed efficiency.
Increases the fertility and hatchability in breeders.
As an adjuvant to anti-biotic therapy for early recovery of ailing birds.
Anfahep is Poultry feed additives.

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Poultry Feed Supplement

Compfeed Broiler premix is advised to be added to broiler feed to prevent and control vitamin A, B, D3, K3, E, C and mineral deficiencies in poultry.
No undesirable side effects in recommended usage
Formulated for easy mixing in the feed.
No withdrawal symptom.

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Poultry Growth Promoter

Anfagrow -Growth promoter for Poultry.
Anfagrow provide better growth & Production in Poultry.
It is an effective in vitamins deficiency & malnutrition.
Anfagrow plus Reduce mortality in birds.
Acts as a supportive therapy in the condition like Molting, Anorexia, Fatty liver, Early Chick, etc
Anfagrow is a Poultry health tonic and Chicks growth promoter.

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Poultry Health Tonic

Feton is a Iron tonic with chelated minerals and vitamins.
Increases the blood formation by improvement of haemoglobin in blood.Enhanced hatchability.
Enhanced egg production
Reduced FCR.
Enhanced body growth.
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