Paul Olsovsky

Dr. Paul Olsovsky was very much studious since his childhood and he completed his graduation from Apple Valley High School in 1983. Later on, he joined Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico for B.S in Biology. In 1991, he attended Medical school at the University of Houston-College of Optometry, from where he collected his honors degree.

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Dr. Paul Olsovsky, OD

Dr. Paul Olsovsky is even married to a very adorable woman. He respects his wife a lot and they together make an amazing couple. Interesting thing is they both share common hobby interest and often love to spend their time together busy in their hobbies.

Dr. Paul J Olsovsky, OD

Dr Paul Olsovsky is always up for his profession and has been participated in many activities and has treated many people for free there. Not only this, Dr Paul has assisted many renowned doctors and has served in many clinical activities.

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